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Historic Leader in 女孩' Education

Emma Willard School is a historic, 包容, and prestigious private boarding and day school for girls, grades nine to 12. Founded in 1814 by Emma Hart Willard, it was the first school of higher learning for young women in the United States and remains a trailblazer in girls’ education.

Located atop Mount Ida in Troy, 纽约, the campus features a stunning blend of Gothic stone architecture with 137 acres of green space and nature. Emma Willard's proximity to the capital of 纽约 State in Albany provides 学生 easy access to excellent internship opportunities and myriad entertainment, 烹饪, 体育运动, and performance activities.

Emma Willard boasts a global and multicultural student body, with 362 学生 from 36 国家 and 20 states, 31% self-identified 学生 of color, 28% international student population, and a 65:35 boarding-to-day ratio. The average class size at Emma is 13, with a student-to-faculty balance of 7:1. A distinguishing feature of the school is the 12 full-time "Resident Faculty," whose primary role is to support the health, 安全, and wellness of 学生.

Emma Willard proudly celebrates its diverse community and storied history, welcoming applications from those well-served by our girls' school mission.

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The average class size at Emma Willard is just 13 学生.



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We proudly model a unique approach to pedagogical development, cross-disciplinary education and innovation in teaching, placing our emphasis on a student’s intrinsic motivation to learn. Our business is developing life-long learners and leaders, and we’ve been in it for over 200 years.

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The extracurricular activities at Emma Willard bolster the rich living and learning environment of our campus community. From 13 interscholastic 体育运动s to 49 student clubs to countless artistic, 领导, and volunteer oriented activities—you'll find something fun and fulfilling here for 每一个one.

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Emma Hart Willard was an innovator and a pioneer. With the 成立 of this school in 1814, Madame Willard set out to blaze a new trail for empowerment of girls guided by the ideal that 每一个 student deserves access to education; It's our privilege and special responsibility to live out that mission today.

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Who was Emma Willard?

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"Education cannot prosper in any community unless...the best and most cultivated talents of that community can be brought in to exercise the way."Emma Hart Willard

Emma Willard was many things: author, 制图师, 教育家, 地理学家, 历史学家, 发明家, and women's rights activist. 生于1787年, Madame Willard was far ahead of her time and refused to be limited to traditional gender roles of early American society. She witnessed first-hand the limited academic offerings available to young women and found them wanting. Emma Willard set off to map uncharted territory with the 成立 of our school and, 这样做的时候, became a trailblazer for generations of young women around the world.

Emma Hart Willard was our founder and namesake, her spirit guides us as we continue to follow our own path as leaders in girls' education today.

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